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August 11th, 2015

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Chat, or Phone, or Email, or Forum...

August 11th, 2015 - Sometimes you want an answer NOW!

Well, we've got the answers, so Chicken Systems goes out of their way to make that information available to you. Complete manuals online, deep documentation.

But sometimes you just don't understand THAT. Personal attention is what you need, and we now that.

So there are FOUR ways to contact Chicken Systems. Most companies don't chat or phone, they just use email or forums, and then it's only when THEY want to help you.

Telephone: 800-877-6377, or 320-235-9798. We are here most of the time between 8-6 Central Time Mon-Fri, and some times on the weekend. Or, we can take an appointment from you and talk to you after hours.

Chat: This is a GREAT alternative for overseas people who want to talk to us one-on-one personally. Go to the Chicken Systems web site and click on the Chat area on the left. Between Mon-Fri 8-6 Central, we can help you.

Email: [email protected]. We are committed to answering within 24 hours, often less.

Forum: - see our complete set of forums sponsored by We usually answer within 24 hours, or someone else knowledgeable will.

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