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August 11th, 2015

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Creator ApplicationsCreator Pre-Release 50% off Sale

August 11th, 2015 - Our Creator™ applications are intended to service the powerful sample-playback workstations such as the Yamaha Motif, Korg Kronos, Roland Fantom, Kurzweil K2000/2500/26000/PC3K, and Alesis Fusion, by allowing easy creation and building of sample-based Programs and Multisamples.

The highly successful Motif Creator™ has been out for over two years, with great results. Now, finally, the other "Creators" are set for final release on Monday,August 17th, 2015.

Until then, we are selling the pre-release versions (with some inadequencies and the expected bugs) for 50% off - $39.98 - until final release and a couple days beyond. This is a GREAT DEAL - all updates are free so when we are all finished, you'll have it in your hands. The sale is conducted on; here are the links:

Korg Creator™ - 50% off, was $79.95, now $39.98 - for the Korg Kronos, M3/50, and Triton series
Fantom Creator™ - 50% off, was $79.95, now $39.98 - for the Roland Fantom-S, -X, and -G
Fusion Creator™ - 50% off, was $79.95, now $39.98 - for the Alesis Fusion
Kurzweil Creator™ - 50% off, was $79.95, now $39.98 - for the K2000, K2500, 26x, and PC3K series

Korg Creator BoxAll these workstations: Motif, Triton, M3, Kronos, Fusion, Fantom, and Kurzweil - are extremely powerful, but it's not easy to build sample-based programs within them. The manufacturers just didn't see the value of those functions; instead they saw sample-playback as an "add-on" feature. For example, none of them can access user-samples with their USB/MIDI editors.

Our Creator™ series use a common interface to handle all these different workstation formats. What that means for you is the ability to EASILY form sample-based Programs within their Bank files. Then you simply load that file, or file set, into your workstation.

Creator™ applications have a great set of functions to allow you to add one or more samples and create the Waveforms/Multisamples/KeyMaps that the Voices/Programs/Patches reference, and you can easily hook all these up to form a simple or complex Instrument. Creator™ applications also leverage the massive power of the Chicken Systems Conversion engine to import practically ANY foreign instrument format, such as SFZ, Kontakt, EXS, Giga - anything.

The Interface is visual, intuitive, and powerful. And not only can you simply create Multisamples, you also have the full ability to edit and arrange the Programs as you desire. You can also assign and work with your ROM multisamples. Another wonderful new feature is the ability to cross-convert between different versions of the workstations - for example, you can take Korg Triton sound sets and "convert" them to load into the Korg Kronos.

View a Creator™ application (Motif Creator™) in action by watching this Motif Creator Product Video.

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Mac-Win LogoAll Creator™ applications are Mac and Windows and work with older AND the latest operating systems, such as OSX Yosemite 10.10 and Windows 10/8/7, as well as Windows XP and OSX 10.4 Tiger, even PPC G5 Macs! (Note: ALL Chicken Systems applications offer this compatibility, something not seen anymore in the business.)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to emails us at [email protected], call us at 320-235-9798, or Chat using the applet on our web page.

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