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August 11th, 2015

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Chicken Systems CD Status Update

August 11th, 2015 - For the past several years, we have been concentrating on developing our New Generation (NewGen™) of applications. These include Translator™, Constructor™, Instrument Manager™, SamplerTools™, Kontakt Assistant™, MV Kit Creator™, and several more.

This NewGen™ technology enables us to provide a level of support unmatched, plus release all our apps on Mac and Windows with identical interfaces and features. It provides for a completely common framework used in every app, enabling consistent support and reusable, powerful technology.

So, many customers have gotten the firstfruits of this technology via instant download, as we have decided not to print any CD/DVD's until the main products - the SamplerTools™ trio of Translator™, Constructor™, and Instrument Manager™, became feature-complete.

Since the downloads work perfectly, there has been no reason to rush to get the CD's printed. A mature CD release is good for everyone, as it is less dependent on the "you must update this copy" annoyance. We also surveyed our customers - most of them would rather wait for these new pressed copies.

Some people want their CD's NOW. So, if you would like some type of CD right away, we can always send your package immediately. The only differences are:
  • CD-R one-off (not pressed)
  • The one-off will have an earlier version on it (remember this doesn't matter much, as all updates are free).

Again, since the temp download works fine until the CD arrives, most people elect to wait for the pressed CD's. BUT IT IS UP TO YOU! If you want the CD IMMEDIATELY, email us at [email protected] and EXPLICITLY request the ONE-OFF CD.

What we mean about "explicitly" is that if you want the one-off CD, please ask for it in those terms, such as "we would like the one-off CD sent immediately." Don't merely ask "where's my CD" or "I want my CD".

The MV Kit Creator™, MV Kit Creator™ LE , Motif Creator™, and Instrument Manager™ CD's are in. We have sent out all address confirmation emails, and upon reception we have been sending them out. If you have not received your CD, please let us know along with your current mailing address.

Currently, we are out of Translator 6.0 CD's. After some serious 2015 work, we are completing Translator 6.1 and then mass-manufacturing again, this will occur early September 2015.

SamplerTools DVD's are now available as one-offs. They contain all 3 programs of the bundle and are set up to authorize. So if you want your DVD in a hurry, we have them. They do not contain the extra features and interface, those will be included in the pressed DVD, coming fall 2015.

For the other products, we are starting the manufacturing process. Our current goal is to get everything out by end of summer 2015. We are waiting for new major versions to be released. These products include:

  • Constructor™
  • Kontakt Assistant™
  • SamplerTools™
  • Creator: Korg, Fantom, Fusion, Kurzweil

Any further questions: email us at [email protected] or call us at 320-235-9798 - 800-877-6377.

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