Powerful Tools for Modern and Legacy Samplers

Now in our 32th year, Chicken System's software are the industry standard for Conversion, Building, and Management.

  • Instrument Conversion

    Translator™ converts any instrument format to any other instrument format. Version 7 is 64-bit, iLok-protected, and works on modern operating systems - Mac and Windows - plus it looks and feels like a modern program. Not only that, it offers a vastly expanded format list.

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  • Instrument Building

    Constructor™ is a generic multi-format, cross-platform Instrument Builder, allowing you to create any multisampled Instrument from scratch - using WAVE/AIFF or ANY pre-existing instrument OF ANY FORMAT. Then, you can save your Instruments directly into any format - software AND hardware!

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  • Instrument Management

    Instrument Manager™ manages Instruments, Banks and Samples of ANY Software or Hardware sampler. Use it as a Super-Browser, view in four different ways, with an "iTunes-ish" interface. Repair bad sample links - and swap sample sets out with ease. Its powerful database engine allows instant access to any group of sounds.

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Other Great Software for Samplers

Our Services

Software Development

We develop software for professional sampler musical instruments, software and hardware. We support high-end and popular sofware such as Native Instruments Kontakt, Apple's EXS24, and Digidesign's Structure. We also support modern workstations such as the Yamaha Motif and Roland Fantom-G. We support boutique super-high-end sampler behemoths such as Syclavier, Fiarlight, and Waveframe. Lastly, we support older hardware samplers, such as Akai, Emu, Roland, Ensoniq, and Kurzweil - not just reading but also writing.

Conversion Engine Licensing

Our time-tested (20 years) sampler disk/file format handling technology is avaialble for licensing. Some of our more visible clients include Native Instruments, Creative Labs, Emu, FLStudio (Image-Line), InSession Audio, Garritan, A.I.R. (Structure and Digidesign) and many more.

If you are interested in licensing our technology, please contact Garth Hjelte at garth AT chickensys.com

Sound Design & Consulting

Since 1988 Chicken Systems (as its dba Rubber Chicken Software Co.) created many libraries for the Ensoniq EPS, 16-Plus, ASR-10, and ASR-X. Two packed CD's were eventually produced, as RCS bought and distributed five other CD's, one of note is "The Demos" by Pelle Piano from Sweden.

Chicken Systems also has helped sound library developers such as Garritan, Sprectrasonics, Dan Dean, Numerical Sounds, Sonic Reality, InSession Audio, ArtVista, EastWest, and many others.

Chicken Systems assists and consults many film composers and famous artists/bands, such as John Powell and the band Rush.

If you are a developer, artist, composer, or musician and could use our assistance, please contact Garth Hjelte at garth AT chickensys.com

Customer Support

We are addicted as much to supporting oour products and services as we are creating them. Since 1988 - more than 30 years worth - we field as much as 100 queries daily. No matter what we create or produce, you can always talk to the "person in charge" at anytime. Call us, email us, chat with us, visit with us. We're here!

Our Staff

Garth Hjelte: Our Founder.

Jeff Godbloch: Electronic Customer Support representative, programmer, and head of product documentation.

Roger Weingarten: Programmer; documentation assistant.

Cheryl Ann Mays: Handles SamplerZone.com, all sales, and shipping.

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