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  • Millennium can bind to a sample editor so that you can double-click on the samples inside your sampler and edit them with, say, sound-forge.
  • Millennium can take a sample and chop it up, much like recycle, then send the result back to your sampler. Even with stereo samples!
  • Millennium can automatically create drum-maps from a collection of stereo and mono samples.
  • Millennium can read AKAI CD-ROMs from any CD-ROM drive (including IDE) and load their contents into your sampler, or export them onto hard disk, either file by file, volume by volume, or even whole CD's at a time. It can export both samples (.wav) and programs (.prg).
  • Fast and reliable sample transfers.
  • Intuitive, fast graphical interface.
  • Full sample editor integration.
  • Advanced editing features.

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