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April 24th, 2013

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Creator Programs Update

Korg Creator BoxApril 24th, 2013 - Finally the long-awaited update 1.2 to Motif Creator™ is imminent. Once that is out, we can start finishing up the follow-up Creator variants for the Korg Kronos/M3/Triton, Roland Fantom, Kurzweil K2x/PC3K Series, and Alesis Fusion.

We are focusing a lot internally on new product videos. By this release, we will have MANY videos covering Motif Creator and the other creators; they are turning out great.

One more thing, we are aiming to get Motif Creator™ 1.2 released by Memory Day Weekend (American holiday, the weekend of May 25-27). Typically, we schedule our work by First Trimester (ending Memorial Day), Second Trimester (summer), and Third Trimester (ending New years Day of the next year). This is the end of the First Trimesters work.

Below is a partial list of the major new features for Motif Creator™ 1.2. Remember this supports Motif Classic, Motif ES, Motif XS, and Motif XF - fully!

Waveform and Voice Audition: You can now audition the Waveforms and Voices of your Motif document; at least the ones that rely on samples, via MIDI or the onscreen keyboard.

Mapping Viewer and Waveform Display: You can view where the samples are across the keyboard, plus see the waveform of each sample.

Performance View: View, create, and edit your Performances completely and easily.

More Views: We've added 4 more views of which parts of the document you want to see; Performance, Voice, Elements, Waveform as, and Samples. (You'll like our "four corner" view!)

Fully Fleshed Out Editors: The Performance, Voice, Element, Waveform, and Sample editors are all completed and ready to go.

More Formats for Import: We won't tell you all of them, but they include Ableton Sampler/DrumRack, MachFive 2 and 3, and even Kontakt 5!

Lot's Under The Hood: This includes the latest in the conversion engine, ability to edit samples in an external editor, bug fixes, faster operation, and and Mountain Lion support. And... more!

Please understand that this update of Motif Creator is FREE! All this work to you, it is... free.

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