16-Plus Release Clicking on Bass Sounds

Question: Do you know what can be done to fix the clicking sound that is made when the key is released? I'm talking about bass or low-pitched sounds. It's a strange phenomenon on the 16-Plus that Ensoniq had no idea how to fix. You can't filter it out, either, and I've got no keyup layers going, just one wave sample.

Answer: It's a common known problem. Ensoniq just forgot how to fix it. =)

The problem is that with low-frequency sounds, the digital filter in the 16-Plus apparently doesn't have enough resolution to deal with it properly on release and puts an artifact in the sound that appears as a click. The solution is to use the filter envelope, somewhat like this:

Set ENV2 anyway you want, but make sure the release time is greater than 20 or so. This seems to enable the 16-Plus to smooth out the click enough to make it inaudible. Remember, you aren't affecting the release time of the sound, but just the filtering aspect.

Contributed by: Garth Hjelte

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