Loading While The Sequencer Is Running

Question: I cannot load instruments in real time from a sequence in my EPS 16-Plus. I use the 1.30 operative system and the menu SELECT LOADABLE INST. does not show on my screen, yet I can insert the parameter LO=x in EVENT EDIT TRACKS in my sequences but it does not work. Could you please help me and tell me how I should do this?

Answer: The LOADFILE sequence command was a theory as the 16-Plus was designed, and then abandoned for the reason that if the FX SELECT = INST, there would be a glitch in the sound, and the engineers couldn't get rid of it. I never understood this reasoning, since you would use the function when you were sequencing, and then you'd almost always have the FX SELECT=BANK. But anyway, it did exist on a bootleg OS 1.17 and 1.19 - you can download it.

Directions for LoadFile Use (16-Plus OS 1.17/1.19 only)

If you don't want to use LoadFiles, another clever trick is to run a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT back into the MIDI IN, then send program changes from within the track out to itself. If the MIDI IN MODE=MULTI, and PROGRAM CHANGE=ON, the 16-Plus and ASR-10 will react to program changes like this:

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