Why you should not use DS/HD's in Original EPS's or the 16-Plus

Question: I'm receiving conflicting information on the use of HD or DD disks for use w/EPS. Do I try to find DD disks, or can I just cover up the DD disk hole on a HD disk (without damage to the EPS drive)?

Definitely NOT. Here's why:

A DS/HD is less (not more) sensitive to the magnetic energy released by the floppy drive's head. Floppy drives that can write to a DS/HD auto-detect the the hole and change the energy appropriately. So when a floppy drive formats DS/DD information to a DS/HD floppy, there isn't appropriate magnetic energy to securely put the data on disk.

It may work at first, but probably very quickly the data will corrupt. I have talked to many, many people to where this was the case.

Last time I was in OfficeMax (a very popular office supply chain), most of the disks were DS/HD, but there were a couple of boxes of DS/DD disks, at the same price as the DS/HD's. RCS also sells them for .39 apiece (no minimum).

Lastly, I recently pulled out some old factory floppies I got with the Original EPS, purchased over 10 years ago in 1988. Almost all of them were corrupt in some way. I've heard that a floppy (corruptly written) has a magnetic life of 5 years. So if you rely on floppies for use or backup, it's a good idea to "rewrite" them after a while, using COPY FLOPPY or a computer program.

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