Sequences that are too large

Question: I have this song that takes up more than 12 Megs on my ASR 10. Problem is: after it's done playing it freezes with the "locating message" stuck on the screen. Any way around this? It sucks having to reload that sucker via 1.4 diskettes EVERY time.

OR Question: I just did this little sequence, made it into a Song and I saved it, and it says it doesn't fit on the floppy. The floppy is empty  -I just can't believe that the Song is more than 3167 blocks!


Is the song 12 megs because you are using RAMTracks or DiskTracks with the song? If not, your sequence is a victim of the "expanding sequence" bug. Somewhere along the line, the EPS/ASR misallocates or does not defragment the data in memory before writing it to disk, thus it writes loads of garbage data between the sequence information in the Song file.

The easiest way around this is to treat the Song file with our Tools program. We have put a utility in there to shrink the Song file down and delete the garbage data. Otherwise, the way around this is to save all your individual sequences individually, and then create a new song, and reload all the sequences in. The size of the sequence will go down. Even if you are using RAM or Disk Tracks, recompiling the sequence will help your situation.

Otherwise, here are some helpful tips for you to minimize the effects of this bug.

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