Direct Transfer Wavesamples via MIDI and SCSI

Question: I have a Pentium PC with a SB AWE 32 linked to an EPS 16 + via MIDI. I use Sound Forge 4 and Recycle 1.1. My question is, can I transfer samples between the PC (wav format), and the EPS using MIDI. I am using EPSDisk and it works well, but I would like to dump samples over MIDI, rather than disk. Ideally I would like to dump samples straight to/from Sound Forge - because of its excellent editing facilities. I tried Epsilon, and it was great, but you can only transfer samples up to 50,000 bytes with the un-regestered version I have. I don't want to spend money registering if I can use the software I already have!

I am thinking about getting a SCSI kit for my PC (Adaptec or similar), so could I get my PC to talk over the SCSI bus to the EPS, this would be great for fast transfer. If so, does it matter what devices are on the SCSI chain and what software would I need.

Answer: We would definitely NOT RECOMMEND transferring Ensoniq wavesamples to the computer through MIDI for your purposes. Even the smallest wavesample takes quite a bit of time, not only to broadcast, but to process inside the program. Do it the easy way - our Disk Tools program can easy take Ensoniq wavesamples from a Ensoniq file and extract them to .WAV format, then you can work with them in Recycle-Sound Forge, and install them back. You can even audition the Ensoniq wavesample from within your sound card with Disk Tools.

Nevertheless, MIDI-Disk Tools does support transferring of wavesamples via MIDI, for the purposes of wavesample viewing and editing, and it works quite well. Some users might have a certain MIDI problem, or they didn't understand how the program works. If you still want to transfer wavesamples via MIDI, and you are interested in MIDI-Disk Tools; for individual assistance, give us a call - we can get it working for you.

Typically, a PC would do MIDI communication in 32K bytes, it's pretty much how the DOS/WIN system works. Get 32K, process it, get another 32K, append it, process it, etc. I believe Epsilon only gets one 32K chunk. MIDI-Disk Tools (and I should add our Mac program EAVES) get's consecutive chunks to build the entire wave, if desired. But I hope you can see the benefit of simply getting it all off the disk file.

Concerning SCSI, yes, why not transfer the wavesample over SCSI? That would be more convenient than just doing it to disk. However, there are no current Windows programs that do this - the only one was Samplevision for Windows, and that is not being supported or sold anymore, and that program had quite a few problems to begin with.

To further aggravate the problem, Win95 ASPI (the SCSI interface "language" that is predominant in Win95) does not easily allow non-target communication with other devices, unlike the Win 3.x ASPI or DOS ASPI did. A target is typically and hard drive or a CD-ROM drive, but the the EPS/ASR is a what's called an initiator, and requires different processes to access it. SO far, no one was come up with a workable solution.

To FURTHER aggravate the problem, the ASR does not communicate via SCSI in the same way EPS did, apparently. On the Mac side, there are 3 programs that have supported SCSI transfer - ASR-SCSI (licensed to what was Jupiter Systems, which sold Infinity), Alchemy, and Peak. ALL have problems working with the ASR, although as Sim Mims of Syntaur Productions notes in his Hacker article, the EPS 16-Plus works fine in the setup. In addition, Steve Berkely, of PEAK, wrote ASR-SCSI and Peak, but as yet has not got around to the SCSI communication problems of the ASR.

See what a mess this is?

So hopefully you can see the advantages of transferring the wavedata from the SCSI Drive instead - with a setup of EPS/ASR -> SCSI Drive -> Computer, you really can have trouble-free SCSI communication automatically with minimum cost. To lend support, we use this setup on a day-to-day basis with few or no problems.

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