Tips for the Original EPS and SCSI

I tried the SCSI EZ135MB Drive by SyQuest and it didn't work when I tried it. I returned it. Are there some special instructions to make it work?. I also purchased a company SCSI port installed by a Ensoniq dealer. I have been getting conflicting advice about how to make my EPS work. Can you help?

Firstly, the Original EPS SCSI is an erratic thing. It depends on what you have, and if it's a full moon.

We have an EZ here, working with an Original EPS that has the following:

I should note that earlier SP-1's SCSI's ere not terminated, but around 1991-1992 they started making SP-1's that had internal termination. I requested that a SP-2 get put into the EPS, because I knew it was internally terminated. I didn't know that the SP-1 was also internally terminated. Whatever the case, as far as I'm concerned, the SP1 and SP-2 are identical.

Concerning termination for the drive; some drives are not internally terminated, some are. Check your documentation to be sure. If it is not, you can get an external terminator that plugs into the back SCSI port that is not being used. It looks like a dummy plug.

Another issue with the Original EPS is the ROM chip that controls the startup and SCSI functions. YOu can check which version you have by COMMAND-ENV1-ENV1 - SOFTWARE VERSION. RAM= is your OS, ROM= is the ROM chip I'm speaking of. Most Original EPS's have 2.0, but the latest chip is 2.4, and is worth getting if you want things to work. It specifically was put out to support Syquest drives.

Things can work without termination, but if they don't, make sure you have the termination there.

Your memory expander and SCSI card should be from the same manufacturer. Ensoniq, PS Systems, and Maartist all made expanders and SCSI ports. PS Systems and Maartists are out of business now. Ensoniq SCSI boards work on Maartist memory expanders, but other than that, any cris-crossing of brands will cause SCSI problems.

Sound Logic (1-619-789-6558) says that they are manufacturing PS Systems compatible SCSI cards, compatible with the Original EPS, for the benefit of EPS owners that only have PS Systems memory expanders. We sell that as the SL-1 SCSI Interface, please call us for availability more info.

If you have a PS Systems, a Maartist, or an older SP-1 Ensoniq SCSI interface, it is probably not internally terminated. You can get a inline DB25-DB25 Male-Female terminator from Cable America (1-800-348-8724) for $10, and place it between the EPS and the SCSI cable. This can help some systems.

And lastly, please follow the SCSI Troubleshooting tips. That should cover most problems you have.

However, I have in my lifetime, seen pretty bizarre things in troubleshooting EPS SCSI's. You can spend $$ in getting everything that is supposed to get the EPS to work, but I have seen situations (not many) where it still failed to work. Make sure you can return whatever is returnable, just to protect yourself.

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