My Floppy Drive is failing, and it can't get back up

Question: My Floppy is failing, can I use a computer floppy drive as a replacement?

Nothing works perfectly with the Ensoniq, except the one you get from a Authorized Service Center. Ensoniq EPS floppy drives adhere to the old Shugart floppy standard, which is not compatible with the new AT standard, which the ASR-10 uses. That probably means that if you can get some OLD floppy drives, they might work. We cannot confirm this, though. However, you possibly can get replacement floppy drives from Rubber Chicken Software. Also, please see the Knowledge Base article of Replacement Floppy Drives.

Here's some troubleshooting options you have:

In the Transoniq Hacker it was mentioned that a certain company Techzam repaired bad floppy drives. I have sent 6 drives to them, and have had 4 returned, having been said fixed. They still do not work, and the other 2 drives I have sent them are unaccounted for - they sent us two wrong replacement drives. They also charged us for not fixing drives that had broken circuit boards that obviously were unfixable. Currently they are not returning our calls - we have since recovered some of our money and are waiting for recourse from them. I would not recommend them as a solution to our problem, unless their customer service shapes up, and until I see them actually fix a drive!

For the adventurous types, there seems to be a trick to get certain floppy drives (we are not sure which ones) to get them to work.

I do not know if this works with the ASR, since it does not access the OS after the initial bootup. Also, if you are running SCSI, this might not be a problem, since you might rarely be accessing the floppy in the first place.

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