How to Deal with Dealers

QUESTION: I am an avid musician and electrical technician. However It has been darn near impossible to find Ensoniq hardware available direct(my local dealer is over-priced and incompetent) Do you have any suggestions for me to access these parts and how to convince Ensoniq that I am capable of installing them?

With SCSI port, I do not know what to tell you. I do know that sometimes you have to be very strict with them.

1) Call Ensoniq, and find out exactly what you need.

2) Find out from other people what they paid

3) Go to the dealer, and tell them what to do, instead of them controlling you

4) If they give you a hard time, find the nearest dealer (call Ensoniq), and see what they will do. Weigh the cost of shipping it verses the extra money you will pay at the "bad" dealers.

5) Remember, shipping usually doesn't matter after you've shipped it 300 miles or so. Perhaps you should ship it to Ensoniq out of protest. But then you wouldn't get the break in price.

6) If it's not the SCSI port you are after, call Thoroughbred Music (1-800-800-4564). I really don't like recommending them; they have shafted me twice on charging my credit card improperly. But they offer discount prices on Ensoniq accessories.

In conclusion, don't let a dealer push you around! All they do is order a part and install it. Take control of the entire situation and dictate to the dealer what you want. It's your money; and if they miss your sale, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you've wasted their time. In business, if you don't make a $ eventually, it's a total waste of time. You could have gone fishing!

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