Starting/Stopping the Sequencer Using MIDI

Question: Is there any way to start/stop the sequencer on the 16-Plus via MIDI? I looked in the External command spec, and there is not button code for the start & stop buttons, to allow you to do a virtual button press.

Answer: There's a problem here. There is no button code, so the only way is a standard MIDI Start/Stop/Continue command (FA, FB, or FC). However, when in INTERNAL clock mode, the EPS/ASR will not respond to them. In MIDI CLOCK, it will, but then you have to supply the clock.

The other way to start/stop remotely is to hook up a cable to the aux footswitch, and set it to start/stop seq.

No one was more affected than me by this when the EPS first came out. I had whole performance maps for the ESQ-1, which I started/stopped the sequence using an Axxess Mapper.

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