Zip/Ensoniq usage relating to Windows 95/98

I have been using a PC <--> Zip <--> Reno <--> ASR-10 configuration without any problems. I did have to experiment for about an hour to get everything working , however. I now have a standard routine I follow to get everything working properly. Here is what I have found. I have no idea how to do this under Windows 3.11.

Many SCSI Interfaces do not have onboard BIOS's; with those cards you will have little if no problem sharing a ZipDrive with your computer and EPS/ASR.You can skip the rest of this article.But if you do have a pushy interface, especially ones with a onboard BIOS, read on.

Let's say you have your PC powered up along with your Zip drive and now you decide that you want to use the Zip with your EPS/ASR. Here is what you do:

This is really quite a simple procedure for switching between the two.

A couple of other things I have noticed.

Contributed by Jason Keeler

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