This article was printed in the Transoniq Hacker, Issue #132, in an article called "Zip-ity Do Da".

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Appended notes
You can get a hold of Iomega via the toll free customer service line - 888-4-IOMEGA. If your call is a legitimate RMA call, they won't charge your credit card number.

The older problem with formatting ZipDrives with Ensoniq instruments is pretty much a non-issue now, since there are practically no ZipDrives around that have the old firmware. However, we have noticed some Zip units, especially refurbished units, that include the old firmware. We came across one from May, 1996, that had the old stuff. But according to Iomega (circa 1997), "none are made now with the old firmware. There may have been a couple going out with the old inventory, but currently that is not the production spec."

If you want to get your ZipDrive to work with your EPS 16-Plus, you have four options:

The new Iomega ZipPlus and the Zip250 drive has also been shown to work on the ASR-10 and the 16-Plus, based on our tests.

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