Virtual Drives - Burning To CD-R

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Translator does not burn CD's, but most CD-burning programs support writing raw data images, which is what Virtual Drives actually are. To put it into a visual picture, what you want to do is to burn the Virtual Drive ONTO the entire CD, instead of as a file INSIDE the CD.

Check your burning software documentation, or their technical support resources, for information on how to burn these type of files. (Oh, PLEASE read this.)

NOTE: Since we are not equipped to support other company's products, we are not qualified to answer any questions on how your specific burning software burns raw data images. So please don't ask - instead, read below.

We do want to help, so we'll tell you what we use. We use an simple FREE DOS command line program from Goldenhawk called FILE2CD. You can download it for free from Goldenhawk's Web Site - select the download called MS-DOS (32-bit console) version. The FILE2CD program is in this package, along with some other helpful burning utilities. We also have seen Nero work (use a .nrg extension, and use the File-Burn Image menu), and Toast work (just select Disk Image under the Other box and drag the Virtual Drive in the window). But DON'T ASK US how to use these programs, ask the manufacturers.

NOTE: Again, we are not qualified to answer any questions on how your specific burning software burns raw data images, nor do we have the resources to help you operate FILE2CD (usually how to use DOS; that is, the command line) if you so desire. Goldenhawk needs to answer your questions, and there are plenty of good books and Internet resources on learning DOS. So please don't ask.

(The reason why we have repeated ourselves 5 times over on this asking issue is that we've continually mentioned this, yet people continue to ask us "this doesn't work" and "that doesn't work." DON'T ASK - we don't know what we are talking about when it comes to other manufacturers software! Ask THEM, PLEASE - for your own sake.)