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There's no doubt that Translator is a complex program under the hood, but actually, it's very easy to operate.

Nevertheless, format conversion is a complex thing, depending on your needs.

For that reason, here's some online resources for Translator™, describing its immense capabilities, different sampler capabilities, and more.

To add to that, there are many ways to contact us and communicate, from phone support to file submission pages. We answer our phones!

Go to our web-driven Translator™ documentation
Go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Go to our heavily-visited User Forum to ask a question
Go to our list of contact addresses and phone numbers
Go to our Available Format Charts:
Windows Chart - Mac Chart
Email us at: [email protected]


The Demos
Great meat and potato sounds. Many of these The Demossounds offer a live quality never found on any sampler. Available in Ensoniq CD-ROM format. More...

CD-ROM Drives

CD ROM DriveCD-ROM Drives enable you to access large amounts of sounds, sold commercially. Check out the Chicken Premium CD-ROM for quick, easy access to tons of sounds! More...

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