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Ensoniq MIDI and Disk Utility software
Platform: Win
Price: $59.95

Are you tiring of your Ensoniq EPS/ASR's 22-character display? Or do you want to access your Ensoniq library, or expand it, using your computer?

Rubber Chicken Software's Ensoniq MIDI/Disk Tools for Windows editing software allows you to view everything that's going on inside the EPS/ASR and view what you're doing on your PC computer screen. Not only that, MIDI-Disk Tools gives you full disk control of your volumes - floppy or SCSI, Windows XP or Windows 98.

Ensoniq MIDI/Disk Tools for Windows main MIDI screen shows you the contents of what is in the memory of your Ensoniq at that point fo time. Click on a "instrument slot" and up comes the Instrument window, which shows you the Layers, Wavesamples, and Effects that are loaded. Click on a Layer, you get the Layer screen, allowing you to edit the Layer parameters. Click on a Wavesample, you get the Wavesample screen, allowing you to edit any of the Wavesample parameters. All in real-time, via MIDI.

You can run the Disk Tools section of the program and view and FULLY EDIT any Instrument or Sequence on a disk. You can import WAVE, AIFF, or SMF files into Ensoniq format, or vis-versa. There are plenty of right-click menus and drag-drop abilities for the most viable power user.

For running your EPS/ASR, for programming, for organization - even for little things like naming wavesamples and layers - Ensoniq MIDI/Disk Tools for Windows will help you work wonders with your EPS/ASR.

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Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools
Ensoniq MIDI-Disk ToolsOffers maximum control of your Ensoniq EPS or ASR-10 sampler. Includes MIDI control of parameters and reading, writing, and formatting of all Ensoniq storage media. More...

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