Translator Bug Reports

Thank you! We are really pleased to hear of bug reports. It helps us pinpoint any problems, and also it helps other Translator users. Please accurately complete all fields on this form.
Please submit a file! Although a file is not mandatory, please include one so we have the exact file to check.
To insure your file gets through to us, always Zip or Stuff the file(s) you submit into a single archive.
Use the latest version of Translator Before you submit any report, please make sure you are using the latest version and build of Translator. The latest Mac version is 6.1 Build 25 and the latest Windows version is 6.1 Build 25. To update, use the Check-For-Updates function within your program (under Help) or use the URL that is listed in the Manual/HelpFile under Updating.
Check your Report This bug report will be entered into our bug database; you will be emailed a copy and an issue number and a link so you can check on the progress at any time.
Issue Number: 7695
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Submitted Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 7:58:54 -0400
Translator Version
and Build Number:
Version Build
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Translator Platform: Windows Mac
Source Format:
Destination Format:
Source File (optional, but STRONGLY recommended):
Do not type the file name in; use this Browse button
to select your zip/stuffed file from your hard drive.
Brief Description:
After you click this button, the file (if you submitted one) will start uploading to our site; please wait until it is completed. You will know it's completed when this page changes into another one.

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